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Silvia Mena, Exotic Dancer, Sues Albert Haynesworth, NFL Star, For Pregnancy And Support

An exotic dancer, Silvia Mena, has filed a lawsuit against Washington Redskins football player Albert Haynesworth, claiming that she is pregnant with his unborn child and demanding support that was promised her by the $100 million defensive standout.  The New York Post reported Wednesday morning that Silvia Mena, who says she met Albert Haynesworth in Miami Miami last year, claims that the 350-pound lineman impregnated her and then abandoned her.  She also claims — in papers filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court — that Haynesworth dumped her after she told him she was pregnant in February.

Silvia Mena, according to the Post, resembles actress Salma Hayek.  She’s 25 years old.  Her lawyer, Salvatore Strazzulo, said that Mena, because of Haynesworth’s abandonment, “has had to apply for Medicaid to take care of her pregnancy.”

Mena alleges that she and Albert Haynesworth met during Super Bowl week and she was invited to his home in Tennessee.  Documents allege that Haynesworth, after being told of the pregnancy, promised to “emotionally and financially support” the young woman, but “abandoned the pregnant Silvia Mena… and refused to provide any emotional or financial support for Silvia Mena or his unborn child.”

Instead, Mena, who made her living as an exotic dancer, had not heard from Albert Haynesworth since March.  She says he has refused to give her any money toward her medical bills and even to talk to her.

The documents also alleged Haynesworth’s assistant  told Mena to “seek treatment from an NFL physician.”  Silvia Mena feared that this was an effort to to force her to “lose the child.”

Mena seeks $10 million from the Redskins ballplayer.

Albert Haynesworth isn’t the only NFL star being sued for child support.

In December, the Post reported that former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Nik Pace sued New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards for $70,000 a month in child support.  Edwards claimed confusion over the lawsuit, because he had asked the courts in Georgia, where Nik Pace was from and where the child was born, to recognize him as the child’s father.  He maintained that he had been paying child support all along.  He and Pace had a casual relationship.

Nik Pace’s lawyer said that Braylon Edwards had filed in the Georgia courts because he was trying to get out of paying more child support.  Nik Pace filed for child support through a New York court, thought to be more generous with support awards.  Pace had moved there in November.

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