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(Video) Greyson Michael Chance Performs On ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’

The 13-year-old piano-playing phenom Greyson Michael Chance appeared on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” Thursday, May 13, just two days after his Lady Gaga “Paparazzi” cover video was “discovered” on the internet.  The personable young man sat with Ellen Degeneres and discussed his sudden rise to fame. And while Greyson Michael Chance was there, his musical inspiration, Lady Gaga, called with some career advice and encouragement.

Greyson Michael Chance told Ellen Degeneres that he was still trying to take it all in — the all being the sudden attention that has been showered upon him in the past few days.  He said that when he got the call from his mother (he was in math class when she texted him), he got away and called home but didn’t believe that “The Ellen Degeneres Show” had actually called his home until his mother had him pack for the flight to California.

The “Paparazzi” video was shot during a 6th Grade Chorus/Talent Show.  Young Greyson decided to put the video up on his Facebook page.  Then he posted it to YouTube, hoping to get some attention.  And did he ever.  The “Paparazzi” video has garnered nearly 8.5 million views, most of them within the last 72 hours.  He also now has a Facebook fan page with over 12,600 fans signed up.  In just three days.

Greyson Michael Chance said he was inspired by Lady Gaga and he “loved her individuality.”  The boy knows how to say the right thing as well, telling Ellen that Lady Gaga’s music is “catchy,” that it “makes you want to dance, maybe throw out some Ellen moves…”

Ellen Degeneres had a surprise for the 6th Grader as well.  She had Lady Gaga on the telephone.  The pop sensation told the video sensation that she loved his version of “Paparazzi.”  She then told him to follow his dreams and to “stay away from girls” (this advice was greeted with laughter all around) and “stay focused.”  She also told him to have fun performing.  Young Greyson was ecstatic.

Greyson Michael Chance then performed “Paparazzi” for Ellen’s audience.

From 6th Grade piano playing kid with a couple of videos on Facebook and YouTube to “The Ellen Degeneres Show” in three days.  Not too bad for a 13-year-old.

Greyson Michael Chance’s interview and “Paparazzi” performance video follows…

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