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Paul Daley Cheap Shot Video From UFC 113

The Paul Daley Cheap Shot Video has taken the world wide web by storm.  Although in and of itself not that memorable or impressive, the cheap shot thrown by Paul Daley at Josh Koscheck at the end of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 113 became the most exciting part of the decided fight (Josh Koscheck winning).  The cheap shot video went viral, especially after UFC President Dana White announced he was firing Paul Daley from the UFC.

As for the fight itself, it was slow going.  The final decision went to Josh Koscheck, with all judges voting 30-27 in his favor after the third round.  But after the fight ended, Paul Daley circled around the referee and landed a cheap shot straight to Paul Daley’s face, knocking him back against the octagon guard.

White said that he didn’t care if Paul Daley was “the best 170-pound fighter in the world, he’ll never fight in the UFC again. He’s never coming back here. There’s no excuse for that. You never hit a guy like that after the bell.”

Dana White noted that Paul Daley had little to say about the cheap shot other than to say that he did not hear the bell.

UFC 113 determined who would be the next challenger to face Georges St. Pierre, the current UFC welterweight champion.  Josh Koscheck taunted the fans in Montreal after the fight with Paul Daley, telling them that he would beat St. Pierre, who is from Montreal.

Josh Koscheck’s MMA record after his victory rose to 15-4, with four knockouts and five submissions.  Paul Daley’s MMA record fell to 23-9, with 18 of those wins coming via knockout.

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