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UFOs Spotted At Iceland Volcano Eruption? (Video)

Several videos have been posted of UFOs that appeared during the recent eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano.  It seems that capturing unrecognizable or unidentified flying objects has become quite the YouTube  pastime, with natural disasters — the Chilean and Haitian earthquakes, for example – seeming to lend themselves as background to quite a few of them.  The Icelandic volcano’s eruption produced a ash plume that spread out over the top of Europe and downed thousands of flights.  But that didn’t seem to affect UFO flight plans…

Some of the videos are are either so blurry, their images so distorted that one is unable to even begin to determine exactly what they are.  There was also video footage of a V-shaped formation that flew across a backdrop of billowing black smoke pouring out of the Icelandic volcano.  Upon closer inspection, although a bit blurry, the up-and-down fluctuations of light and shadow are somewhat discernible and recognizable as wings beating the air.  Still, for the diehard, there exists room for doubt and the V-shaped moving set of objects can remain in the realm of the “unidentified” and “flying.”

But there is one video that shows a fast-moving object moving from right to left across the screen.  It is silver/pewter in coloration and seems to be reflecting light at various intervals along its path.  Is it a ship from another world?  Or is it just some fast-moving piece of debris caught on a few frames of video? 

Although it is difficult to say what the object might be, until the image can be “cleaned up” enough to tell what the object is, it will remain unidentified.  Still, all UFOs aren’t extraterrestrial spacecraft (truthfully, none may be), but neither is the object identifiable, hence fitting the literal definition of Unidentified Flying Object.  

What do you think?  UFO (literally), flying junk, debris, an aircraft, a probe, or starship?  Or worse, a photoshopped ruse?  Watch the video that has taken several of the images and combined them…

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