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Missing 11-Year-Old Nadia Bloom Found; Police Still Investigating

The 911 call came through on a cell phone at about 8:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.  James King, a member of same church Nadia Bloom attended, had found the 11-year-old girl that had been missing for four days.  Roughly three hours later, rescue crews emerged from the dense brush and swamp that Nadia Bloom, according to police, had apparently wandered around in for the entire four days she had been missing.

But the morning got off to a confusing start when investigators, even though they had made their way into the swamp to reach Nadia Bloom, were not officially confirming whether or not she was alive or dead.  And when James King was taken away for debriefing, some began to think the worst. 

But Winter Springs Police Chief Kevin Brunelle came to King’s defense, albeit seemingly grudgingly, saying that not only had he found Nadia Bloom and called 911, he had helped the helicopter locate his position.  “Mr. King himself climbed a tree and threw toilet paper around, so the helicopter could see where he was at,” Brunelle said. “Mr. King is a hero right now. He led us to her, and that’s what we’re going to go with until anything changes.” 

James King’s wife, Diana, said her husband had went out looking for Nadia and then she got a “miracle” text message.  “He had found her. She was safe in his arms. That’s the only thing I got from him.” 

Steve Barrett, reporter for WFTV-Channel 9,  described finding the girl “amazing” and “miraculous.” 

The investigation into Nadia Bloom’s disappearance, however, remains ongoing.  Police and trained investigators tend to treat “miracles” with skepticism. 

Nadia Bloom was found about a mile from her Winter Springs home.  Winter Springs Police had been searching the area with no leads to help their investigation.  Search teams and rescuers had been searching nearly non-stop since the 11-year-old’s bicycle was found, still in an upright position, in a cul-de-sac in the neighborhood where she lived and went missing.  The area she was discovered in was densely thicketed and was slated to be searched Tuesday.  Searchers said that they had searched to within 100 yards of where she was located. 

WPBF reported that the 11-year-old was said to be in good spirits and, according to her doctor, “doing wonderfully.”   She had been found covered in mosquito bites and dehydrated.  Authorities were afraid to let her walk out on her own, passing her from one rescue team to another through the brush, which contributed to the length of time it took to get her safely out of the swamp.  Conditions were so stifling, several of the rescuers were treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration. 

Jeff Bloom, Nadia’s father, met the news with tears.  “Things don’t always turn out this way. We are so blessed.” 

Winter Springs Police Brunelle says he believed that Nadia was wandering around the swampy woods the entire time they searched for her.

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