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Jesse James’ Alleged Mistress Michelle McGee, The Swastika Tattoo, And Perjury

Over the last several weeks, after Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee dropped the dime on Jesse James about their alleged 11-month affair, we have learned quite a bit about the stripper/webcam girl/tattoo model.  We have learned that she is covered in tattoos, some of which look rather amateurish, some of which are nicely rendered.  We have learned that she posed in Nazi regalia.  And we have learned that Jesse James’ alleged mistress is fighting for custody of her child with her ex, Shane Monica, who says that she is into the entire white power, Aryan supremacy thing, that she has a swastika tattooed on her stomach so low no one can see it, that the ‘w’ and the ‘p’ tattooed on each of her legs are initials for “white power,” that she once had white power written in refrigerator magnets in her kitchen, and that she likes walking around and presenting the “Sieg Hiel” salute. 

For her part, Michelle McGee has denied all of these allegations except for the Nazi photo shoot, which she admitted was her kind of thing, because she liked fetish photo shoots. 

In fact, she presented the judge hearing her custody case a list of refutations of Shane Monica’s claims.  Among them were no saluting (nor does she teach it to her children), she wasn’t and has never been a Nazi, she had no swastika tattoo on her anywhere, the ‘w’ and ‘p’ stood for “wet p***y,” and the refrigerator magnets had been arranged in such an order by her ex’s friends who had visited and took the photo to give to him. 

While Michelle McGee was listing things she didn’t do, Jesse James’ alleged mistress also mentioned that she did not do adult entertainment in her house in front of children, nor did she operate her webcam business from inside her home.  She insisted there was no pornography in her home. 

While she’s collecting tattoos and has a place for one, Michelle McGee might want to save some space for “perjuror” or “perjury.”  According to Radar Online, not only does her ex know she’s lying, he can’t believe she handed such a declaration to the judge.  Radar Online’s article about the custody situation even shows a picture of the tattooed Michelle McGee with her Nazi swastika tattoo riding just above her belt buckle.  They were kind enough to enlarge it in an inset photo.

The good news for Jesse James’ alleged mistress?  The page of refutations and things she does not do was an unsworn declaration, so it isn’t perjury — at least, no yet. 

But you know how these things go.  The judge finds out that you lied or were misleading about one thing, and it throws everything else under suspicion.  Now, about not operating the webcam girl business out of her home…

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