Erin Andrews: I Am Not Dating My ‘Dancing’ Partner

So far, so good for Erin Andrews, Dancing With the Stars celebrity. She’s had solid performances in back-to-back weeks, and she’ll happily admit that much of her success is because of her partner, Maks Chmerkovskiy.

Even if you’re not a huge DWTS fan, you’ve probably seen them together. Just one thing: they’re not dating. Apparently, Andrews gets that all the time. She was on ESPN Radio yesterday and addressed reports that the two were an item.

“No, everybody is obsessed with this… We are just dancing. We spend twenty-four hours with these people and it is just like, ‘Oh they are dating.’ I mean whatever.”

Andrews’ dating habits have always been a hot topic among bloggers, but when you see photos of her and Chmerkovskiy at, say, a Maryland-Duke game, people will talk.

Via Sports Radio Interviews:

On being at the Maryland vs. Duke game and her having goo-goo eyes for Maks:

“Oh yeah. The dude is a freak. He is totally hot. I mean I told the producers that I wanted to be with him because, a) He is from the Ukraine so he cracks the whip when I try to go all ADD on him, but he is totally good looking so I mean I have to but it is hard. I think I told you guys last week, you have got to be all up on this guy and be romantic and stuff and I just laugh like a fifteen-year old. …”


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