Jesse James’ Alleged Mistress Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee’s Nazi Photos — What?!

The problem with craving attention in a big way is that attention has a way of exposing the one who wants it in ways that were unforeseen.  Take, for instance, the media firestorm over the alleged affair between tattooed porn star/stripper/model Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee and “Monster Garage” star and Sandra Bullock husband, Jesse James.  Not only did the public get inundated with photos of the tattooed model, which only seemed to fuel the animosity toward McGee and James (and support for Sandra Bullock), but TMZ unearthed some photos of the scantily clad McGee in Nazi dress. 

Reporters dig for information.  Investigative reporters dig deep.  Current affairs and celebrity gossip websites like TMZ dig until they’ve got every little piece of dirt they can find.  With Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee, it was simply finding out that she was in a custody battle with her ex-husband over her two children.  In the documents he filed, McGee’s ex notes that she once posed in Nazi clothing, made the Nazi salute, and even has a swatika tattooed on her stomach.  The letter’s “w” and “p”, which purportedly stand for “white power,” are tattooed on her right and left leg, respectively. 

So TMZ started digging — and found the Nazi photos the ex was talking about.  In fact, the photos come from a full photo shoot.  The Nazi layout, according to TMZ’s sources, was the photographer’s idea (with Michelle McGee’s enthusiastic approval).  She poses semi-nude with Nazi hat, a swastika armband, and a swastika backdrop. 

However, Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee insisted that she was not a Nazi, but she did enjoy fetish modeling.  She added that the Nazi photos were also an attempt to be “provocative.   And that “w” and “p” on her legs?  That doesn’t stand for “white power.”  Michelle McGee told In Touch Weekly, the tabloid that published her expose of her affair with Jesse James, stood instead for “wet p***y.” 

TMZ also reported that the ex-husband disagreed, noting that Michelle McGee was fond of repeatedly performing the Nazi salute.

However, no word on whether or not Michelle McGee has a swastika tattooed on her stomach.  (Of course, she may have had it removed, obscured by tatooing over it, or so low on her stomach it is covered with clothing.)

This is the woman that Jesse James allegedly had an affair with, cheated on Sandra Bullock with, the woman that claims she has proof in the form of text messages… 

… but are there photos?  For Sandra Bullock’s sake, we can hope not.

Nazi photos or not, Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee may end up losing her custody battle.  It is doubtful that the presiding judge will look favorably on her expose and candid confession of an 11-month affair with Jesse James.  Good thing she received a reported $30,000 for her interview.  She’s going to need the money to pay for her legal fees as the ex-husband renews his efforts…

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    1. J. Ingram says:

      Check out the movie “Shattered” w/ Pierce Brosnan to validate Dr. Phil’s contention that women w/not heal from a cheating mate until she knows he gets how much she was hurt.

    2. Sharleena says:

      I really neeedd to find this info, thank God!


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