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Sandra Bullock Blindsided by Husband Jesse James

Image: Sandra Bullock, Jesse James

Less than two weeks after she won the Oscar for Best Actress, Sandra Bullock’s life has gone from Oscar glory to worst nightmare after she discovered that her husband of five years, the Monster Garage host, Jesse James has been cheating on her with a tattoo artist Michelle Bombshell McGee.

Bullock was supposed to be going to London to show up for her Premiere night on the movie “The Blindside.” However, she cancelled all her appearances in order to deal with her personal problems.

Not much update is available on the Sandra Bullock Jesse James split news. But as of now, there is information on the girl that is responsible for marriage trouble – Michelle Bombshell McGee, who is a tattoo girl and has been involved with Jesse James for the last 11 months. They have been seeing each other and were also intimate. This happened all the while that Sandra was filming for the movie “The Blindside. ”

McGee told In Touch weekly, ” I would never have hooked up with him if I thought he was a married man. He gave me an impression that they were separated.”

Bullock’s representative has not yet responded to the comments.

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