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Prejean Racy Photos: Carrie Prejean Nude Racy Pictures Hot

Prejean racy photos and nudie photoare more popular than the Carrie Prejean sex tapes. Carrie Prejean’s racy photos have been released days after the sex tape was leaked. Of course, a handful of semi-nude photos were leaked around the time that Carrie Prejean lost her Miss California crown.  However, Ms. Prejean contends that the racy photos were taken when a photographer tricked her.

Recently, a sex tape featuring Carrie Prejean surfaced and inspired the young woman to settle her lawsuit against the Miss California pageant.  Rumor has it that she walked away with nothing gained.  Ever since the sex tape surfaced and even Larry King was unable to get a straight answer from Carrie Prejean on why she settled, even more racy photos and sex tapes have surfaced.

A quick Google search of “Prejean racy photos” does yield some photos.  However, they are not the nudie pictures that many people prefer to see. Unless you think a 2 piece bathing suit and a sultry look is really all that racy, you will be disappointed.

Many sites promise nude photos and all you get in return are viruses and pop-ups.  Use caution when searching for nude or racy photos and only click on sites known as legitimate (TMZ, Playboy, etc).

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