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Carrie Prejean Sextape Stream: A Sextape Stream by Carrie Prejean Carries Controversy

The Carrie Prejean sextape stream is hot. Carrie Prejean’s sextape stream is controversial. Carrie Prejean contends she was 17 when the sextape stream was made, making it child pornography.  However new reports have surfaced that indicates that maybe, just maybe Ms. Prejean isn’t as honest as she makes herself to be.

Newser reports that the “boyfriend” that Carrie Prejean made her saucy video for admits that Carrie Prejean was over 18 when the sextape video stream was made.  Furthermore, she made him 15-20 steamy videos. She also asked him to lie about their ages when the videos were made.

That’s not good! Carrie Prejean was party to a lawsuit, and asking someone to lie about facts can land you – and the other person, if they lie – in a lot of hot water.  This could explain why Carrie Prejean settled with the Miss California pageant.

I think that the boyfriend has some more dirt on Carrie Prejean that would leak out if she kept the Miss California lawsuit rolling.  This could also explain why Larry King struck such a sour note with the fallen beauty queen when asked the motives about her settlement.  Click HERE to read about what Miss Prejean called Larry King, because you won’t believe it.

The Carrie Prejean sextape video stream is available on a variety of Web sites.  I have not included links, as I do not want to provide a link that leads to spam, spyware, or viruses.  Be careful when downloading the Carrie Prejean sextape video stream, and also keep in mind that even though it appears Ms. Prejean was over 18 when the video was made, there’s still a possibility that it’s child porn.

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