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There is not much information available on Sexy Lexus but still I was able to unearth her on the web. Sexy Lexus turns out to be a girl whose actual name is Alexis Leona Bennett-Hill.

Alexis Leona Bennett-Hill aka Sexy Lexus is actually from Atlanta, Georgia. However she will be coming to New York to attend college. Welcome to my city, Sexy Lexus.

Her long-term objective is to become a successful lawyer. But thats not all. She hopes to become a writer as well and intends to make history in the black community.

Becoming a writer is not something very hard for her. She has been writing since she was thirteen years old.

She is quite talented, there is no doubt about it. But what I am interested to know is, why is she rising so much in the popularity contest on the web. Why are people searching for her and whats the sudden interest.


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