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Thanksgiving Wallpaper: Thanksgiving Wallpaper a Fall Necessity

Thanksgiving wallpaper is awesome. Thanksgiving wallpaper is great, as Thanksgiving is the next big holiday. Thanksgiving wallpaper will make you feel in the mood for Thanksgiving, which is a short three and a half weeks away.

What are some popular Thanksgiving wallpaper themes? Great Thanksgiving wallpaper themes include turkeys, Pilgrims and Indians, Family Guy, and the Simpson’s also have their own Thanksgiving theme.

Of course, you can always create your own Thanksgiving wallpaper for your computer.  Simply open up “Paint” and create your own pictures.  After you save your photo, go to File>>”Set as Background”.  Personally, I prefer my wallpaper centered over tiled, but if you have a cool leaf pattern or a collage of fall colors, a tiled wallpaper may look awesome as well.

Another option for Thanksgiving wallpaper is to take a digital photograph of your family staged with Thanksgiving decorations.  Import the photo in to Paint to add the text “Happy Thanksgiving 2009” and set as your wallpaper using the instructions above.  This will give you a very personalized Thanksgiving wallpaper for your computer.

Another really cool Thanksgiving wallpaper that you can create yourself is to make a list of what you are thankful for.  Write it in really attractive handwriting, photograph it, and then set that as your background. This will serve as a powerful reminder of what you are thankful for each year.

If you don’t want to make your own Thanksgiving wallpaper, you can find several free wallpapers online. Make sure your virus protection is current and that you don’t download any files from any sites that seem questionable. Never, ever download a Thanksgiving wallpaper file if it ends in “.exe”, as this is a file that will install a program on your computer.

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Happy Thanksgiving

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