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Skype Public Share Offering for Investors (IPO)

Skype public share offering could be coming soon.  A Skype IPO has been reported by both The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.  It appears as if a public share offering will be soon, as both news medias have reported that Skype has gotten the ball rolling with the SEC and will be filing an IPO (Initial Public Offering) sometime in the foreseeable future.

OF course, the starting share price and the total number that will be sold are not available at this time. The total is not going to exceed $100 million.

The company started out private, but the owners sold all but 14% of their ownership stake to eBay.  The internet auction company couldn’t figure out how to make the acquisition work in its portfolio – which also includes PayPal – so they sold their stake for $2 billion.

And now the company, which makes money off of charging people discounted fees to use their computers to call  phones all over the world, will be going public.  One of two things will happen – the company will have phenomenal success, or it will be just another .com that bites the dust.

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