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PGA Championship Leaderboard Updates and a Tiger Woods Performance

2010 PGA Championship 2010 leaderboard updates are available, and Tiger Woods performance is lacking.  The PGA championship continues, and lacks the whole excitement of a Mickelson vs Woods battle. Both Mickelson and Woods are a non-issue in the upper ranks, which means that Tiger will stay on top – at least for now.

The Leaderboard updates include that Nick Watney leads the pack, with Dustin Johnson in close second.  Without one of the top dogs at the head of the pack, Tiger can rest assured that he remains #1 for just a little longer.  Many fans expect that his true comeback will be next season after he’s able to train more and get his mind off his crazy personal life.

The purse for the PGA championship is a rumored $7.5 million with a winner’s share of $1.3 million. Who will walk away with that bounty? For now, it appears as if Watney and Johnson have the best chances, but the third round can always bring up some shake-ups in rankings.

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