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Amazon Kindle Price Drop – Could $139 Kindle Drop to $99?

The Amazon Kindle’s price dropped to $139 making it an ultra affordable e-reader.  The Kindle competes with not only the Apple iPad, but also the Barnes & Noble Nook.  As smartphones and tablet computers improve, the popular device will have to fight even harder to keep market share. We venture to estimate most e-readers will have to reduce their prices in the future as more manufacturers bring e-readers to market.  
In addition to the iPad, a $99 e-reader from small manufacturer Copia is said to be in the works of release. This will further drive down the price of devices like the Kindle and the Nook.

According to the Wall Street Journal, ““The iPad disrupted pricing strategy for everyone in the e-reader market, and after the price wars with Barnes and Noble and Amazon, everyone’s trying to differentiate themselves from a price-point perspective,” Tony Antolino, senior vice president of DMC Worldwide, said. “We decided to do a revision of our hardware positioning.”

What do you think? Are you going to purchase the Amazon Kindle at the reduced price of $139 or are you going to wait and see if it drops to $99

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