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Jet Blue Flight Attendant Desires Job Back, But Does Airline Want Him?

Jet Blue flight attendant, Steven Slater, desires his job back.  Yes, the same JetBlue flight attendant who went bongo-drum crazy and “escaped” his airliner via the emergency chute with two beers in hand.  Steven Slater before making his grand exit from the aviation industry first cussed out a cabin full of customers, leaving many either laughing or shocked.

The whole thing started over a confrontation with a cantankerous passenger.  You see, a passenger disobeyed orders from a crew member (a federal offense) and as such it sent the steward over the deep end.

Now, it’s reported that he has had a change of heart and wants his job back.  Many don’t expect him to receive his desires, as the severity of the situation leaves many things at question.

Is Steven Slater Really Fired?

According to JetBlue, Steven Slater is still a flight attendant at the company.  He is on leave while an investigation is underway.  The results of the investigation will dictate whether or not he will be allowed to resume his role with the company as a flight attendant.

Does the Airline Want Him?

After Steven Slater’s meltdown, will he be wanted back? Will the airline be fearful that he will go bat-crazy on even more passengers and get Jet Blue in legal trouble?

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