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Flight 253 UPDATE Terrorist Attack: A Detroit Bound Delta Flight Experiences Terrorist Attack

Flight 253 UPDATE Terrorist attack:  Delta flight 253 inbound to Detroit from Amsterdam experienced something that no one ever could have imagined on Christmas Day – a terrorist attack.  A Nigerian national with ties to Al Qaeda lit some sort of explosive substance as Flight 253 was making its descent in to Detroit. While there aren’t any deaths currently reported, there aren’t any immediate reports on injuries.

The suspect is said to have second degree burns, and is reportedly admitted to the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor, MI.

According to Fox News, “Rep. Peter King (R-NY) identified the suspect as 23-year-old Abdul Mudallah of Nigeria, and King said Mudallah “definitely has connections” to Al Qaeda.”

President Obama is vacationing in Hawaii and is said to be monitoring the situation. At this time, you can expect increased security at the airports.

At first, the situation was said to be a firecracker, but now it has been reported that it was some sort of explosive device.

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