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Cookie Monster Veggie Monster: A Big Monster Mix Up or a Cookie Veggie Swap

Cookie Monster turns Veggie Monster? Sounds like a Monster Mix-up. Cookie Monster and Veggie Monster are the center of a viral internet search today as Cookie Monster recently celebrated his 40th birthday.

Nutrition has changed since Cookie Monster graced American TV screens some 40 years ago.  Now, parents try to keep their children away from refined sugars and starches made popular in part by cartoon-like characters such as Cookie Monster.

Still yet, a Cookie Monster as Veggie Monster sounds more like a bad Halloween costume than a smart well-thought out switch.  There were some rumors that the producers of Sesame Street were going to turn the crumb-gobbling monster into a veggie-gobbling monster to promote healthy living.

I am sorry, but a blue monster gobbling up bits of carrots churns my stomach.  Crumbling cookies are funny. Shredded carrots and bits of corn are not.

Luckily, as Gather.com points out the rumors about Cookie Monster turning in to Veggie Monster are FALSE.  American children will be able to watch their favorite blue monster gobble up chocolate chip cookies for many years to come.

The Cookie Monster/Veggie Monster discussion leads me to wonder if Cookie Monster really does play a role in the way children see nutrition.  If you think about it, Cookie Monster isn’t really eating the cookies – he’s crumbling them up and getting them everywhere. This action is more for laughs than to program children to eat massive amounts of chocolate chip cookies.

Parents must play a crucial role in the development of healthy living habits for their children.  Children for the most part learn by example.  Therefore, healthy parents can for the most part raise healthy children.  If you are a parent that sits on the couch eating Chips-A-Hoy Cookies straight from the box, and are worried about your child as they are constantly eating cookies too – they are probably learning their habit from you and not the furry monster they watch on TV.

Cookie Monster is also a great way to teach your child about entertainment.  Sometimes people – or characters – do things to entertain us.  Cookie Monster isn’t eating cookies because it’s super healthy and what you should do – he’s eating, or rather, crumbling them to make kids laugh.

Cookie Monster is my hands-down favorite Sesame Street character. Although Sesame Street toned down the cookie-gobbling and added songs such as “A Cookie is Sometimes a Food” he plays a big role on Sesame Street. Veggie Monster just wouldn’t cut it.

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