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Brooke Wilberger Case

Brooke Wilberger case might get a breakthrough it desperately needs. The suspected remains of Brooke Wilberger might have been found.

The Brooke Wilberger case has been lying in deep freeze for almost five years now.

Brooke Wilberger was the bright young and cheerful university student at Brigham Young University who vanished from an Oregon apartment building and now media reports say the remains found might be hers.

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Joel Courtney was arrested by police in this case and upon interrogation told the police where he left the remains of Brooke Wilberger after abducting her. Right now the police have not released much details and the location of the remains need to be confirmed.

Joel Courtney, 42, has confessed to the incident and pleaded guilty. The deal allows the prisoner to stay in jail for life without hope for parole. As part of the deal, Joel Courtney agreed to divulge the location of Brooke Wolberger remains so that she could be found and finally buried by her family.

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