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Brittany Murphy King of the Hill: Brittany Murphy voice of Luann, What’s Next for King of the Hill?

Brittany Murphy King of the Hill: Brittany Murphy is the voice of Luann on King of the Hill.  King of the Hill is a popular adult cartoon, and there’s no doubt that KOTH fans will miss Brittany Murphy’s voice.  Who will be the next Luann on the show? King of the Hill would not be the same without Brittany Murphy’s voice.

Brittany Murphy isn’t only known as Luann on King of the Hill.  She’s also known for movies such as “Sin City”, “8 Mile”, and “Clueless.”  She was also married at one point to Ashton Kutcher, who expressed his sadness today via Twitter. More on that here.

The cause of Brittany Murphy’s death is sort of unknown.  It’s known that she had a full heart attack, but it’s not certain what the cause of that ailment was.  Was Brittany on drugs? Was she anorexic? There are a lot of unanswered questions.

King of the Hill fans along with everyone that loved the actress note that this is a sad day.  There are lots of preparations to be made for her funeral.

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