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Brittany Murphy Dies, And Death Could Have Been Avoided!

Actress Brittany Murphy dies, and death could have been avoided! Brittany Murphy’s autopsy report indicates that she had pneumonia, anemia, and was taking cough syrup and cramp medicine.  All these four elements combined is how Brittany Murphy dies.

This is a sad day. After all, her mother Sharon or husband Simon Monjack could have very well made her go to the doctor.  She could have went to the doctor herself. If she would have, she would still be alive today – or at least there’s a chance she could be alive today.

Brittany Murphy’s death is an accident, meaning that there’s no foul play suspected.  Unlike Michael Jackson’s death, we won’t have her death paraded around for the next few months. She can rest in peace.

Brittany Murphy’s death has been the source of constant speculation. Many thought that anorexia was to blame for her demise. Others thought that she took illegal drugs.  Some even speculated that foul play was involved.

Nothing takes Hollywood by storm quite like a celebrity death.  It’s so very sad that we lost someone so beautiful and charming as Brittany Murphy.  However, she will live on through the many films and movies that she has starred or played a role in during her life.

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