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Anderson Cooper Rescues Boy in Haiti (YouTube VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper rescues boy in Haiti.  Anderson Cooper, popular CNN journalist, was caught on tape rescuing a boy that was being stoned and beaten by looters.  In the wake of the 7.0 earthquake that shook the city of Port-au-Prince it comes as no surprise that violent outburst occur over a week after the devastation.

People are suffering, hungry, and have lost everything.  Haiti is also a nation where violence occurs even under the best circumstances. 

The Haitian boy rescued by Anderson Cooper was struck with a large piece of concrete when looters tried to grab stolen items from a store.  Anderson Cooper grabbed the young boy, and swept him away to a safe place and handed him over to a local.

Currently, Anderson Cooper doesn’t know the whearabouts of the boy that he rescued.  He hopes that he is doing well, but the fact still remains that the boy is in a very dangerous place.

The death toll in Haiti is about 70,000 with as many as 100,000 feared dead. Relief efforts are underway and there was even a star studded concert last night that benefited the Haitian relief efforts.  If you missed the concert, CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS ABOUT DOWNLOADING THE PERFORMANCE ON ITUNES.

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