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Adam Lambert American Idol Finale Performance Canceled For Fear Of Scandal?

According to Rob Shuter at Popeater’s “Naught But Nice,” Adam Lambert was supposed to perform at the American Idol finale in Hollywood Wednesday night, but he didn’t show up for rehearsal.  The producers at American Idol began to get nervous, not knowing what was going on.  When talks with Adam Lambert’s reps yielded nothing, rather than take a chance that Adam Lambert would show up at the last minute and pull some outlandish stunt or act on live television, the American Idol producers cut him out of the finale altogether.  Are we seeing the beginning of another Adam Lambert scandal, one caused by fear of repeating the now famous American Music Awards performance scandal?

Just a little over a week ago, Adam Lambert went on Twitter and posted that he would not be on the American Idol finale, which is to double as a tribute to departing judge Simon Cowell.  “Unfortunately,” he wrote, “not performing on Idol Finale. Guess they have plenty of artists booked.”

But it seems that that post was written before he was asked to be on the show or as a ruse to pull off a surprise appearance.

Now it would seem that the American Idol producers have decided to keep him off the show (unless some deal is being made in the waning seconds going into the show) in order to avert another scandal.  Apparently the producers do not want a repeat of the American Music Awards performance where Adam Lambert, anchoring the end of the show, simulated sex with a male and a female performer.  The performance caused such an uproar that ABC, the network that broadcast the American Music Awards, canceled Adam Lambert’s appearance on “Good Morning America.”

So what is the deal?  Was Adam Lambert trying to pull a fast one, do something shocking, set up something scandalous?  Or does he have a good excuse for missing the rehearsals?

Has it become so important in Hollywood to please everyone and avoid even the slightest hint or suggestion of impropriety that producers run in fear at the mere thought?  It appears so…

Adam Lambert’s thoughts on this little “scandal”-avoiding drama will no doubt be priceless…

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