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Tiger Woods Mistress 19 Could it be Emma Rotherham?

Tiger Woods Mistress 19 Could it be Emma Rotherham?

Tiger Woods mistress 19 could it be Emma Rotherham? Tiger Woods alleged mistress list has been somewhat quiet since sometime in December.  However, interest in the Tiger Woods scandal has not waned down and there are many who are still following the day-to-day changes made in the rumor mill. 

Recently, Tiger Woods was “spotted in a Mississippi sex therapy” clinic, but those turned out to be rumors – just like every other Tiger spotting.

That being said, it’s worthwhile to take a look at the allegations behind Tiger Woods alleged mistress #19 and see just what the scoop is (it’s entertaining, at least).

According to NOTW, Emma and Tiger have had an (alleged) affair for the past 18 months. She is 42 and has two children – making her yet another cougar mistress.

Tiger Woods mistress 19 is said to have met the golfer in Orlando at the Blue Martini Club, sometime around May of 2008.  Some reports indicate that one of Tiger’s security guards gave the woman a bag full of $100 dollar bills to keep quiet.

The Tiger Woods scandal started when he had a strange accident outside his Windermere, Florida residence.  Since then, Tiger Woods’ mistresses have stepped forward.  Some of them have brought “proof” of their alleged affairs while others haven’t offered much anything more than interesting stories.

At this time, with someone as popular and famous as Tiger Woods don’t be shocked if some of the reports you hear turn out not to be true. With the golfer in hiding, he hasn’t spoken out much about any individual affair.

With the advent of the rumors of Tiger Woods mistress 19, don’t be surprised if the laundry list continues to grow until Woods himself addresses all these stories.

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Tiger Woods Mistress Photos: Amazing Mistress Photos of Tiger’s Ladies

Tiger Woods mistress photos show a wide variety of different alleged mistresses.  Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses range from girls-next-door Perkins waitress to aspiring models and even porn stars.  People are searching high and low for Tiger Woods mistress photos, and particularly the photos of Loredana Jolie, he last mistress to be named.

Loredana Jolie is a Sicilian Playboy model that has lived in New York since a young age.  She is blond, beautiful, and has been featured as Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Week in the past.  It is alleged that Tiger Woods paid up to $15,000 to meet with Loredana.  This report has not been verified.

Other Tiger Woods mistress photos that are high profile are the mistress photos of porn stars.  Holly Sampson and Joslyn James have both been linked to Woods, although Holly Sampson maintains that she met Tiger before he was married – at his bachelor party.

Jamie Jungers, Jaimee Grubbs, and Rachel Uchitel are also high-profile Tiger Woods alleged mistresses.  Finding their pictures are easy, as all three of these ladies have stepped forward and spoken out about the alleged affairs.  Jamie Jungers says all she was left with was a broken heart.  Jaimee Grubbs maintains that she didn’t love Tiger, and he didn’t love her.  Jamie doesnt’ think she needs to apologize to Tiger’s wife, whereas Jaimee openly apologized to Elin on Entertainment Tonight.  Some reports claim that Rachel Uchitel is Tiger’s #1 girl still.

Tiger Woods Mistress photos can be found on YouTube. Click here to view the photos.

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Tiger Woods Latest Women: Tiger Woods Mistress Count Climbs

Tiger Woods latest women seem to change every day. The latest women include mistresses from a variety of states.  Rumor has it that one of Tiger Woods latest women is a well known British TV personality.  Although 3 of the latest alleged mistresses of Tiger Woods remain anonymous, the fact that there are now 11 women is shocking.

The hands-down most high-profile Tiger Woods latest women is Joslyn James.  Joslyn James is a Las Vegas based adult feature film entertainer that has been alleged to be Tiger Woods’ “full time mistress.” She’s know for “kinky sex”.

Another one of Tiger Woods latest women is a 26 year old cocktail waitress from Orlando.  Tiger Woods lives in an exclusive neighborhood on the outskirts of Orlando, so he most likely met her at one of his favorite local hangouts.  This won’t be the first time Woods found a woman in his own backyard.  Mindy Lawton, alleged mistress #5 that surfaced on Sunday morning was an Orlando area waitress at a Perkins restaurant. 

One of Tiger Woods’ latest women is completely anonymous, but many expect her to speak out in the coming days.  Who could she be? A cocktail waitress? Another porn star?

Tiger Woods’ latest women have brought a lot of drama in to his life.  In addition to likely hurting his wife’s feelings, the latest women have brought forth allegations of Ambien-fueled sex, alleged nude photos, racy text messages and more.

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Jesse James’ Mistress Michelle McGee Had Sex With Tiger Woods, Too?

Has it ever crossed your mind that the two big mistress scandals — Tiger Woods’ and Jesse James’ — of the past year could be connected, say, in the neighborhood of Michelle McGee?  Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee, fresh from telling Howard Stern that she had “colored friends,” went that statement one better with an insinuation that she might have slept with Tiger Woods.  Although it might not be that difficult to believe, on a certain level it is very hard to believe.

That level is not the possible Nazi and white supremacy level but the level where she said she never had sex with or dated a black man (also revealed this week on the Howard Stern show) level.  But on “The Soscia Network” radio show on Philadelphia’s 106.1 FM, Michelle McGee went from never dating or having sex with a black guy to possibly having sex with Tiger Woods.

Perhaps she doesn’t consider Tiger Woods a black guy…

The conversation degenerated from one about her owing Jesse James a thank you card for all the publicity, wherein she revealed that she no longer keeps in contact with James.  It was suggested that Tiger Woods was probably only too happy with the Jesse James mistress scandal, a scandal that broke nationwide as soon as Michelle McGee told her story to In Touch Weekly, considering that it took a lot of the media’s attention off him.  When asked if she would “go there,” Michelle McGee asked, “How do you know I haven’t?”

When asked to elaborate, McGee said, “I’m not confirming or denying.”

Confirming what?  Nothing?  That she never slept with a black guy but she has slept with a half black guy?  That she was one of the 121 women/ mistresses that the National Enquirer now reports Tiger Woods allegedly cheated with while married?  And what would she be denying?  That Tiger Woods didn’t go the same tattooed mistress route that Jesse James did?  That would only make sense, considering the previous statements made on Howard Stern’s show.

Do you get the feeling that some people will say anything to extend their 15 minutes of fame?

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Tiger Woods New Mistress Tally Reaches 121

Straight from the pages of the 2010 Pulitzer-nominated National Enquirer, the same tabloid that brought you the story that Tiger Woods was having an affair with some unknown nightclub somebody named Rachel Uchitel, comes another story that the final straw in the mistress scandal was when Elin Nordegren found out that Woods had left out one of his mistresses when confessing during therapy.  While coming clean about who he had had affairs with, Tiger Woods apparently admitted to bedding 120 women.  But Elin Nordegren, according to the National Enquirer, seemed to be willing to forgive him his adulterous behavior — until she found out about the neighbor’s daughter. 

The National Enquirer also reported that Elin Nordegren is now in full divorce mode.  Being cheated on 120 times was bad enough, but having to find out about Tiger Woods’ mistress #121 via the media — just like she had learned about the first two dozen — must have been just too much to take. 

The National Enquirer broke that story as well.  Neighbor’s daughter and college student Raychel Coudriet, a girl Tiger Woods had known since she was 14, had engaged in a one-night stand with the famed golfer in 2009.  She’d felt bad about having sex with a married man, she said, so she had refused to answer Tiger Woods’ numerous texts afterwards. 

So why didn’t Tiger Woods mention the neighbor’s daughter while in therapy?  Did he think that having an affair with someone so close to home would be more than his wife could take?  Or did he just forget in his quest for catharsis and redemption?  Truly, there were just so many…   

The entire scandal started in the early morning hours the day after Thanksgiving when Tiger Woods crashed his SUV into a tree in his neighborhood.  Strange inconsistencies in the crash story and news of the Rachel Uchitel expose fueled speculative stories in the media that would only pale in comparison to truth and depth of scandal that would follow.  Within weeks over a dozen women had confessed to being mistresses of Tiger Woods.

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Porn Star Devon James Newest Mistress to Allege Affair with Tiger Woods

In a radio interview, Devon James, a Tampa-based “adult entertainer,” claims she slept with Tiger Woods over a 2 1/2-year stretch (2006-2008).

James becomes the third porn star and 15th woman overall to make allegations of transgressions with the world’s No. 1 golfer during his five-year marriage with Elin Nordegren.

Woods, 34, allegedly paid James and another woman $2,000 each for what she described as a three-way and “dirty” sex, the newspaper reports. Devon claims she first met the decorated sportsman when he hired her and another hooker for a threesome in 2006. Woods paid both girls $2,000 each. After the tryst, Tiger asked her for her personal number and they continued hooking up until 2008.

RadarOnline reports Woods brought up his wife on his second meeting with James, telling her that Nordegren didn’t want to have sex very often. James claimed she waited before coming forward because she felt sorry for the scandal-plagued sportsman.

Nordegren is reportedly having a difficult time dealing with the latest reports. “It devastates her,” a source familiar with the situation told RadarOnline on Monday. “The whole situation is unthinkable for her, but then to throw a porn star in the mix, it just makes her feel like she didn’t even know her husband.”

Just in the past week, former porn actress Devon James released sexually graphic text messages that she says prove her affair with Woods, and she says she has more potentially embarrassing information about the golfer that she may reveal later.

It has indeed been a rough year for Tiger Woods. The hits just keep on coming. Good Luck, Tiger!

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Tiger Woods Wife Considers Rachel Uchitel Best Among Alleged Mistresses

Tiger Woods wife considers Rachel Uchitel best among alleged mistresses.  Rumors are circulating that Tiger Woods wife, the Swedish former model Elin Nordegren considers the New York VIP hostess best among the alleged mistresses she has seen on the Internet.  Of course, at this time this is all rumors and speculation.

I honestly can’t see a wife actually admitting that an alleged mistress is the “best” for her husband. But that’s just me.

However, if the rumors are true Elin Nordegren may have a point.  Tiger Woods wife is said to have grown angry after National Enquirer reports indicated that Tiger Woods was having an affair with Rachel Uchitel.  Initially, Uchitel denied the claims and sought the help of celebrity attorney Gloria Allred.

Most of the Tiger Woods drama has centered on Ms. Uchitel.  She had pregnancy rumors, rumors that she was in Florida to be by Tiger Woods, and more.  Some even claimed that Tiger was in love with Rachel and was plotting to leave his wife for her.

Still yet, the new rumors are pretty juicy and controversial.  It makes people take a look at Tiger Woods alleged mistresses and his wife and try to figure out who they think is the best suited for the golfer.

Just for fun, let’s do an informal poll.  Out of the following people, who do you think is best suited for Tiger Woods.  Of course, I won’t include all of the alleged mistresses in the listing – just the more memorable ones. Leave your answer and your reasoning.  The best responses may be used in a future post.

1. Elin Nordegren, wife and baby momma

2. Rachel Uchitel, alleged mistress #1

3. Jaimee Grubbs, VH1 reality starlet and releaser of the “Tiger Woods Voicemail”

4. Jamie Jungers, Las Vegas cocktail waitress who was said to have been with Tiger the night his dad died.

5. Joslyn James, porn star

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Tiger Woods Update and Latest: Alleged Mistress Rachel Uchitel Opens Ups and It’s Tiger Woods’ Birthday

Tiger Woods update and latest: Rachel Uchitel opened up today.  It’s also Tiger Woods’ birthday, which makes it a prime day for updates.  For the first time since being spotted in Palm Beach, Florida Rachel Uchitel has opened up to reporters.

If you want to know all the juicy details of the alleged affair and find out where Tiger really is, don’t count your chickens before they hatch! Rachel Uchitel, in a very Gloria Allred-ish move told reporters that she had “no comment” about their inquiries.

Frustrating, isn’t it? But remember, Uchitel is said to have received hush money from Woods, and that means she can’t really say too awful much.

Today is Tiger Woods’ 34th birthday. There are many rumors about where he may be spending the day, including a rehab facility in Arizona, recuperating from cosmetic surgery, or at a house near another world renowned golfer.

The Tiger Woods scandal all started shortly after The National Enquirer broke a story about Tiger Woods allegedly sleeping with New York VIP hostess Rachel Uchitel.  After that, a bizarre single vehicle accident took place on the day after Thanksgiving, prompting rumors that Elin Nordegren found out about the alleged affair and went berserk.

Tiger hasn’t been seen in public in about a month, and there’s no word of where he is. He’s taken an “indefinite leave” from golf and has even lost some of his sponsors.

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Tiger Woods Update: Update About Christmas Plans, Alleged Mistresses, more

Tiger Woods UpdatesTiger Wood Update: Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods are in the middle of a media blitz, and where will they spend Christmas? Will the Tiger Woods family be together – as they should be – on their son’s first Christmas? Are rumors that Tiger is setting sail to the Bahamas?  This update seeks to sort out all the facts.

Then again, there aren’t any hard “facts” in the scandal. All there are are reports from “sources” telling media outlets what’s going on.  For instance, a source told ABC news that Elin Nordegren was seeking a divorce, and then come to find out, she hasn’t made up her mind.

There are reports that Tiger is setting sail for Bermuda or the Bahamas for Christmas, while Elin is heading to her native land.  With Tiger taking time from golf to “become a better husband and father”, these reports seem a little inconsistent.

What would I do if I were Tiger? I would spend Christmas with my family at one of my properties – one that no one hardly ever talks about.  The family has several parcels of real estate, so it shouldn’t’ be that hard.

There are also reports that Tiger Woods and alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel are still together.  There were also tabloid reports that pointed to the possibility that Rachel Uchitel was pregnant with Tiger’s cub.

As with many tabloid reports, that one doesn’t appear to be true either.

So where will Tiger Spend Christmas? No one knows.  Think about it – if you were him would you let the word get out?

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Tiger Woods Text Messages: Alleged Text Messages Still Sent to Mistresses

Tiger Woods text messages remain a popular topic.  It is rumored that Tiger Woods sent text messages to at least two alleged mistresses, even after his November 27th car accident. In addition, it is also rumored that despite divorce rumors Tiger continues to be in “continuous” contact via text message.

Given the sheer drama of what has happened in Tiger’s life, don’t you think he would give up any form of electronic communication that could potentially land in the hands of a gossip magazine or tabloid? I guess the old saying is true – a leopard can’t change his spots just lie a Tiger can’t change his stripes.

That being said, maybe the golfer is smart enough to keep the text messages G-rated.  At the time the scandal broke,  Jaimee Grubbs released about 300 text messages to Us Magazine. The contents of the text messages were very racy.

TMZ reported that Tiger Woods actively pursued Rachel Uchitel – even text messaging her – after his car accident.  This is after the tabloid reports surfaced and announced their affair and after the world was already making speculations because of the bizarre car accident.

What can we all learn from the scandal? Don’t text anything you wouldn’t want everyone else to see.  Today it was announced that Satellite program allows users to intercept messages and downloads and store them on their hard drive.  Don’t think for one second that your text messages are safe!

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