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Tim Urban’s Inexplicable Presence On American Idol? Let Us Explain

American Idol always seems to have at least one contestant every year that does not seem to measure up to the standards of performing and/or vocal stylings of the others.  This year that person is Tim Urban.  And, like those other years, said contestant seems to continue on, somehow weathering even the most horrendous weeks.  Again, this year that person seems to be Tim Urban.  So how is he remaining in the competition?

Some say it is his looks.  He is considered cute, even though he sports that Bobby Brady do. But in a singing competition, looks can only go so far.  Right?  (Let’s ask Carrie Underwood.)

Some say it is because the American Idol judges, especially Simon Cowell, were mean to him when he was called back to the show (original Top 24 member, Chris Golightly, was dismissed, so Tim Urban was given his slot).  After Urban took a vocal buzz-saw to OneRepublic’s “Apologize” in the Top 24 round, Simon told him that the judges had made the right decision the first time.  Of course, new judge Ellen Degeneres wasn’t much kinder, telling him he should be an acting singer, like on “Glee.”

And then there are those that believe that it is a combination of the above and those crazy contrarians that like to infuse a bit of chaos into the system.  With American Idol, that would be the web site Vote For The Worst (  On Vote For The Worst, they encourage their readers to vote for the worst contestant to keep them on the show.  It is their contention that the show is mindless and most people are driven to vote for certain people on the show simply due to the fact that those people are who the producers want to win.  Vote For The Worst is a monkey wrench in American Idol‘s works.

Since the Top 24 began competing, Tim Urban has been Vote For The Worst’s choice.

Could Vote For The Worst be that powerful?  Who really knows?  But one thing is for certain:  Given a fan base, some sympathetic voters annoyed at the judges, some who vote for him because he’s cute, those that vote for him because of Vote For The Worst suggests it, and those one or two people who really think he’s the best singer in the competition (like his mother), Tim Urban is getting enough votes to stay in the running for Season 9’s American Idol.

But can he win? (Let’s ask Taylor Hicks.)

    5 Responses to “Tim Urban’s Inexplicable Presence On American Idol? Let Us Explain”

    1. Anonymous says:

      I can’t stand Vote for the Worst.

    2. zing says:

      You also forgot that his latest song was sung better, and it was something about soldiers and war etc. So he stirred up a whole bunch of those people, plus maybe even the bible belt sine it sounded somewhat religious, even if maybe it wasn’t. So ONE, count it, ONE good song form Tim. But even with that, it bored me to tears. He won’t be going home any time soon.

    3. Kevin C. says:

      Tim Urban is Pavarotti compared to Paige Miles.

    4. zing says:

      nearly a moth later and Tim is still there. So this article hits the nail on the head.


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