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Two Killed in Ohio State Shooting

Suspect dead in Ohio Shooting. Larry Wallington, a service manager at the Ohio State University was found dead at the scene of the crime. The reason for his sad demise? A bad perforAdd Newmance evaluation. The suspect Nathaniel Brown shot him dead first before shooting himself.

Nathaniel was found at the sight with a gun shot wound, seemingly self inflicted, he later expired before reaching the Ohio State University Medical Center where he was being taken for treatment. Another man by the name of Henry Butler was also caught in the shooting but has survived and is in a stable condition at the Ohio State University Medical Center.

Where’s all the extremism coming from? Only weeks ago Joe Stack crashed his plane into the Echelon building because of issues he had with the IRS. Do problems not have real solutions anymore? Is the only way out shooting someone or crashing a plane into a building?

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