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Free Tilly After Sea World Whale Attack!

After Sea World’s fatal whale attack, people want to Free Tilly.  It’s ironic that Tilly is the name of the whale, and thinking about it makes me think of the 1990’s movie “Free Willy.”  After the incident in which Dawn Brancheau lost her life, it was announced that Sea World Orlando is going to keep the bull orca that killed one of their top trainers.

People are outraged.  Animal rights activists think that the park needs to Free Tilly back into the wild where he “belongs.” After all, his actions were the actions of a whale.  Just because he’s trained doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the same instincts.

Dawn Brancheau was likely pulled in to the tank while feeding Tilly when her pony tail looked a little too appealing for him.  She was growing her hair out for locks-of-love and the long pony tail could have looked like food or a toy.

Do you think we need to Free Tilly, or do you think that Tilly would need to live in captivation in Sea World in order to survive?

    3 Responses to “Free Tilly After Sea World Whale Attack!”

    1. Sorry for the Family says:

      Free the whale people. This is the 3rd person the whale has killed. We are in a new time and a new era. Science is no longer set to a classroom but extends to the ends of the earth with tracking devices and teams. Let Tilly go home. Let him go back to his pod from where he was taken as a pup. The only thing is Sea World will not let him go because he makes them money. These whales are wild animals and will remain that way even after so called “training”! Just let him go. The Orca that was released (Free Willy) did very well after release and found his pod. He later died in the wild with his pod and exactly where he was supposed to die “in the ocean” not a tank! I mean think about it if you had the chance where would you really want to be? If I were an Orca that is proven to be a highly social family originated animal, I choose my home (the ocean) and my family (pod). The whale is not happy and maybe it remembers being taken. I know that must have been a terrible experience and hard to forget.

    2. Chris Charette says:

      FREE TILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont worry about him being able to survive in the wild! his animal instincts WILL take over enableing him to survive!!!!!! -Chris Charette

    3. Smiley says:

      Yeah let him go. You can see the incredibly small tank he is kept in on Google Earth. It is disgusting to see that an intelligent wild animal is being kept in an enclosure that barely fits him. He is probably not ready to go directly into the wild, but there are safe, healthy rehab centers for that.


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