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Canada Beats Russia Olympic Men’s Hockey 2010

Canada beats Russia in 2010 Olympic Ice HockeyThe Olympics men’s ice hockey event is heating up, and tonight Canada beat Russia.  This means that the Russians aren’t going to win a medal this year for the ice hockey tournament.

As the US and Canada both progress in the Olympic games, it appears as if a gold medal match between the two countries could be in order.  American’s shouldn’t get too cocky or comfortable with Sunday’s win. After all, if Canada and the US match up for a gold medal game, Canada will be out for blood.

The men’s ice hockey gold medal match will be the last event to take place before the closing ceremonies on Sunday.  It will be bittersweet to see the match, as many have been thouroughly enjoying the winter games for the past couple of weeks.  After all, it will be four years before we will see the Olympic winter games again.

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