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Killer Whale Killed Trainer at Sea World Update

Sea World Whale Kills TrainerUpdate on a killer whale that killed his trainer.  A Sea World trainer was killed today after a killer whale either attacked her or thought she was a play toy.  Sea World officials say that she fell in or slipped into the whale tank.  Some marine experts warn not to jump to conclusions about the demeanor of the animal, as he could have been trying to play with her.

The trainer was one of Sea World’s most experienced.  She worked for the park for 12 years, 10 of which she worked with the killer whales.

Eye witnesses to the attack claim that the whale grabbed the lady and pulled her in, whereas other reports say she slipped and fell into the tank.

The same killer whale has been involved in other deadly accidents in the past.  There’s no word on what will happen now that today’s tragedy occured.

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