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The Hurt Locker Review: 2010 Best Picture?

The Hurt Locker could be 2010’s best picture.  The movie is about a bomb squad in the Middle East, and its a great movie.  If you haven’t seen The Hurt Locker, I suggest that you see it.

The Hurt Locker was right up there with Avatar with Golden Globe nominations.  In addition, it was directed by James Cameron’s ex-wife, which made for a very interesting rivalry once both directors were nominated for best directing.

The movie will hold the attention of pretty much anyone.  I typically enjoy romantic comedies, and I had a hard time peeling my eyes away from the screen while watching “The Hurt Locker.”

Chances are, this will be one of the year’s best movies.  Although it’s already out on DVD more and more people are going to see it.  If you haven’t taken the time to go see this movie, I would take the time to do so ASAP.

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