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Eagles Release Westbrook a Surprise for Football Fans

The Philadelphia Eagles have released Brian Westbrook.  In the recent years, Westbrook has suffered from various injuries, including concussions and an ankle injury.

The player has been on the sidelines a lot.  During his heyday, he was one of the best running backs from the team.  The New York Times estimats that given his age of 31, he won’t be on the roster for Week 1.

During the last season, he was sidelined for 8 games because of injuries. Heading into the 2009 season, he was showing signs of declines.

Westbrook was due a whopping $7.25 million in salary starting next season, and he got the call that everyone dreads – the dreaded break-up phone call from Andy Reid.

The running back boasted 5,995 yards in 8 seasons, and scored 68 touchdowns in his career.

Will Westbrook continue his career, or are his days as a football player numbered? It’s important to note that Ladanian Tomlinson was recently released from his contract as well, thus flooding the market with experienced veteran running backs.

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