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Tiger Woods Scandal: Will He Do it Again?

Tiger Woods is in a scandal, but has he learned his lesson? After months of media speculation and one girl after another coming forward and giving intimate details of what they did together, has he decided that he’s going to give up extramarital affairs once and for all?

Of course, only time will tell. However, if this whole scandal hasn’t taught the golfer a thing or two, I am afraid that nothing will.

After all, he’s lost millions in sponsorship earnings, who knows how much in “hush money”, not to mention the alleged prenuptial agreement increase he gave to his wife, and the money he’s had to pay lawyers and public relations officials during the whole scandal.

Was it worth it? I highly doubt it.  All the above things mentioned were monetary, but there were also softer things that he lost as well.  For instance, one day Sam and Charlie will be able to do an internet search and read about their father’s alleged affairs with many different women.  His wife likely doesn’t trust him very much any more. He’s also lost sponsors – which is more than just a monetary problem.

What do you think? Can a tiger change his stripes?

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