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UFC 110: Results

The live clash of the titans that began in the Ultimate Fighting Championship i.e. the UFC 110 has taken most fighting fans by storm. The Acer Arena was rocked by the presence of some serious testosterone only a few hours ago.

The cherry on the top was the heavyweight fight between Velasquez and Nogeuira; where Velasquez sets the bar by being the unbeaten champ in the rings that he has conquered and Noguiera stands tall at both a former UFC and Pride Champion. Their epic clash was followed soon after by a middleweight stint between between Bisping and Silva, both of whom are legends in their own rites.

The competition kicked off between Nogueira and Velasquez with more yummy fights on the way. Who will win, who will lose and who will take it all was the question that everyone was asking. Well now results from the first round are in and it seems that Cain will be retain his status as an unbeaten fighter as he has claimed the heavyweight bout at the UFC110.

Velasquez and his punches were unstoppable, from the moment he began raining down a long line on Noguiera his fate was sealed. Cain now stands at an 8-0 score after this match while Noguiera has fallen to a 32-6-1. Noguiera wasn’t a sore loser about it though, even though he lost the fight and was disappointed he went on to call Velasquez “one of the best fighters in the heavyweight division.”

Cain VS Antonio: Cain stays unbeaten

20,000 people at the Acer Arena watched in excitement as Wanderlei Silva tore into Michael Bipsing and took what was his by force i.e. the middleweight title. Silva has a legacy behind him – he has been the PRIDE world champion for five consecutive years, his win must have pleased his fans the world over.

The fight between Sotiropoulos and Stevenson ended in a unanimous decision where Sotiropoulos took the crown, while Bader knocked out Jardine for his win.

Mike Cro Cop took Perosh down through a technical knockout and Bonnar lost to Soszynski the exact same way.

Foster also fell to Lytle by submission. Dollaway came on top by unanimous decision against Reljic.

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