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Gloria Allred And a Press Conference: Will there Be More?

Gloria Allred and a press conference: will there be more?  Gloria Allred is a high-profile California attorney that first made headlines recently when Rachel Uchitel enlisted her help during the Tiger Woods scandal.

During the scandal, her client went from just being Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress to being the first of several claimed relationships.

Along the way, Allred picked up some clients.  One of those clients is porn star Joslyn James.  Today, Gloria Allred had one of her famous trademark press conferences in which her client, the porn star, asked Tiger Woods for a face-to-face personal apology.

James claims that she “Loves” Tiger and that she thinks she deserves a personal face-to-face apology from him.  After all, she fell for him and she thought she was the “only one” besides his wife.  She claims that she’s been impregnated twice, one of them lost through miscarriage and the other lost through an abortion.  On top of all that, she dropped porn to be with him.

Will more of Gloria Allred’s clients follow and have their own press conference demanding recognition from Tiger Woods?  Tiger didn’t sit there and address each and every allegation.  Could it be that there are alleged mistresses that just want to hear him admit that he had an affair…with them?

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    1. venicementor says:

      Gloria Allred really made an idiot of herself, more so than usual. She has been on the edge of pure idiocy for a while, but this event took the cake. Tiger Woods owes these “women”, and I use the term loosely, absolutely NOTHING! Most, if not all of them were pro.stitutes and were already paid. Leave the man and his family alone. They should apologize to Tigers wife and family, if anyone should apologize. This press conference was a disgrace and Victoria a poor excuse of a woman. She a po.rn star/tramp/whore whatever, get a life! In fact, Victoria and Gloria should be arrested for attempted extortion. Both should have enough class, and I can see where that may not be possible because neither one has any, and leave this situation alone and bow out gracefully, if that is at all possible. Gloria, in closing, you have become a cartoon and a joke!


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