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Veronica Siwik-Daniels aka Bedroom Diva Joslyn James Challenges Tiger

Veronica Siwik-Daniels aka Bedroom Diva Joslyn James Challenges Tiger.  Veronica Siwik-Daniels is better know to us as “Joslyn James”, an adult entertainer and alleged Tiger Woods mistress.  The brunette vixcen has enlisted the help of celebrity attorney Gloria Allred and was seen speaking today – the same day of Tiger’s apology.

Siwik-Daniels believes that since she ‘gave up porn for Tiger’ he owes her a personal face-to-face apology.  Her demands have evoked many an eye-roll across the country.  After all, why all of a sudden does she want this apology NOW on the very day that Tiger breaks his silence?

Veronica Siwik Daniels claims that she doesn’t want Tiger’s children and wife to be hurt over the affair. She feels ‘bad’ for the position that Tiger has put them in.

Whether or not Tiger Woods will issue a face-to-face apology to Joslyn James has yet to be seen.  Chances are, if he does he will do so in private so that what he said will stay between the two.

So far, Joslyn James is the only alleged mistress to publicly ask for an apology from the disgraced golfer.  HOwever, given that her attorney is none other than Gloria Allred, it wouldn’t be surprising to see other demands as well.

    16 Responses to “Veronica Siwik-Daniels aka Bedroom Diva Joslyn James Challenges Tiger”

    1. Ssups says:

      All he owes her is a wad of spunk in the eye…

    2. Andy says:

      Joslyn, it is karma now, so you have to go through it. You contributed to hurting his wife and children and the mess of his life, just as he contributed to your hurt and round and round the life’s lessons will go until the lessons are learned. You hoped for more, a way out of the sordid lifestyle you ended up in, and perhaps for awhile you thought it might happen. Well, now he is trying to change his life and that life doesn’t include you. He can’t apologize to you in person. You would use it against him in some manner and to further your own drama to benefit financially and to create payback – plus you hope to change his mind. It isn’t in his best interest to meet with you in person and you need to get on with your life. You were another of the other women. He has explained what he is trying to do, difficult as it may be, which is to change and focus on his family. Now, he is getting on the right path and you have to wish him well, leave him alone, stay out of it, and disappear into whatever you are now going to do after using this whole sordid situation to find ways to, among other things, pay Gloria Aldridge. Golf is his career. He has a right to try to right his life, the mistakes he made, and to extricate himself from all those who contributed to the negatives of his life. Too many try to undermine those who are trying to change their lives because, in part, they aren’t able to change their own. Hopefully, you both can move forward. You weren’t a virginal school girl when you met him, but now you are a hurt person facing change. You are a victim at this point only because you didn’t get him to leave his wife for you. I don’t know if that is a victim. I don’t know that you need a lawyer, either. That whole golfball violence scenario is laughable. Had you been approached with the idea and been paid, you would have signed on immediately. No matter what you do, you were really a woman hurting another woman and children and participating in a wrong with a married man. This is the aftermath and, no matter what, there is nothing you can do about it. You are not going to end up with Tiger.

      • Delia says:

        Very well articulated! Your comments are perfection. I wish the rest of us (including me) could be so well versed.

      • Tina says:

        Well said. However, she may need a lawyer because under todays laws Elin can very well sue her for wrecking her marriage. Along with all the others who contributed, knowing he was married. Veronica did nothing but let the world know what TYPE of person she is. Veronica should quit whining and crying all over television trying to make herself all over the news. Pregnant twice and didnt tell Tiger – please, it is obvious if you could have trapped him – you would have! If I was tiger I would wont to see the papers showing the miscarriage and abortion and if they could not be produced, sue you again! Where is Veronicas appology to Elin? All these so called women need to get over themselves and realize they obviously were only good for one thing, and apparently not that good or there would not have been over a dozen of you…

      • Daniel says:

        Everyone’s gotta have their fifteen seconds of fame. This is hers. Now she’ll be able to get more money as a p0rn star.

    3. flow says:

      good andy, Joslyn James is only A pro…….$#@.

    4. Dave says:

      Joslyn, your as fake as your fake boobs. Pop those ugly suckers and get on with your life. You brought this on yourself.

      Get over yourself already.

      • David Heberr says:

        This women is a pathetic, shamless, and stupid publicity seeker. She should be running for the hills in shame with her tail between her legs and the public should tie her up in a public square for flogging and then tarred and feathered. She is a shame to herself, her family, country and the world!!!

    5. Troy says:

      This video apology, then the lawyer drama, and subsequently the comments here….extremely funny.

    6. chris says:

      Joslyn is owed NOTHING!!!! As a fellow lawyer, I feel that Gloria Allred shuld be censured for her meritless actions.

      Joslyn, you got involved with a married man who you KNEW was married. He owes his wife and family an apology, and perhaps his sponsors because those contracts typically have “morals” clauses. If anything, YOU might owe his wiefe and children an apology because you were complicit in the actions with caued pain to them. Seriously!

    7. Eric Richardson says:

      Joslyn Jane is a fu.cking whore. I hope this sl.ut .bitch gets what she deserves. She’s nothing more than a media seeking washed up, nobody gives a about her and f.uck Gloria Allred — that b.itch needs to have her skull ki.cked in. Hopefully both of them will be prison hate f.ucked until they’re dead.

    8. ralph says:

      Joslyn knew Tiger was married so she is just as guilty! How many men has she had sex with in her movies! To be a pron star sex and love are to different things so she would be used to having sex for recreation. Since Tiger is rich and famous what better person to recreate with! Or gold dig.


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