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Joseph Andrew Stack And Austin Plane Crash

Joseph Andrew Stack and Austin plane crash is the news today.  Earlier this morning, Joseph Andrew Stack allegedly set his own house on fire and then took off in a plane and slammed it in to an Austin office building.

So what was Joseph Andrew Stack’s problem? He left a long note behind telling a tale of how the tax system was messed up and how it disrupted his life. Tens of thousands of dollars, many years, and several discussions with the IRS later, Stack had enough

Instead of going through all the red tape or facing the music, he felt the urge to crash a plane in to an office building.

The incident was very tragic, but luckily there weren’t many casualties.  The perpetrator died, two were injured and there was one person unaccounted for.

Given the number of people who worked in the building, it could have been much worse. Although the whole situation is tragic, it’s great that there weren’t massive losses of innocent lives.

Before Joseph Andrew Stack was identified as the suspect,many feared that the plane crash was due to some sort of terrorist attack.  It’s not , although the attack was premeditated and thought out for a while before the perpetrator acted out.

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