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Plane Crash Austin and Ambiguous Reasoning

Plane crash Austin and ambiguous reasoning are resonating through the web.   The plane crash today was assumed to be perpetrated, on purpose, by a man who had a beef with the IRS.

The man left a lenghthy note that was published online and then subsequently removed by the feds. In the letter, he chronicled his struggles with “Big Brother” and then stated that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over again and expecting different results.  He decided not to be insane and try something new.

I don’t think the people that coined that definition meant that you needed to do such drastic things.  However, the plane crash in Austin showcases how individuals are capable of just snapping over time.

Does that excuse the perpetrator for what he did? Absolutely not.  What he did is inexcusable, as innocent lives were put in harms way.

In all actuality, the perpetrator wanted the IRS to lose big, but that’s not the case. The IRS won’t lose much.  They don’t own the office building he crashed in to and insurance should be more than enough to cover damages.

That being said, today’s plane crash in Austion was a tragic event.  Here’s to hoping that something like this never happens again.

    3 Responses to “Plane Crash Austin and Ambiguous Reasoning”

    1. Amleson says:

      Another media whitewash. No mention of his reasons. The real reason he did it.

    2. Jen says:

      Gee I wonder why he went crazy. Maybe the “IRS” should learn to deal with people that are just trying to “make it”. Instead they want to take everything you have and take nothing into consideration. Everyone has a situation, and when you are in a bad prediciment, (mine being my PAID accountant screwed up and and they won’t take credit for it because “I signed those papers”) and just trying to make it with children, ex-wife etc. etc. they don’t care. In one meeting with and “Offical IRS Rep.” he says we can help you, wipe out all of your debt because of your situation financially, (ie. debit, current child support etc.) the next meeting we have with him he is a totally different person, all of sudden, he doesn’t care and my financial situation doesn’t matter. He informes us we are just “stuck” and thats the way it is. I cannot imagine why people act this way. Maybe the IRS will get a hint into how they are spending money and how they are saving money. For once lets look at the people. It’s so sad that someone had to die to make a point with them! Let’s help people instead of kill them!

    3. feriling says:

      further reports of Plane Crash Austin, Echelon Building is near main road in northern part of Austin. The Plane Crash Austin began fire on a number of stories of the structure. A large number of panes were blustered out of the building and the people going in their cars stood dfgdfgd


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