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Austin Plane Crash Not An Accident

The plane is said to be a Ciruss SR22 which only has a four seater capacity.

Reports suggest that the plane that crashed into the seven floor Echelon building in Northwest Austin, Texas. Firefighters risked their lives to put out the fire caused by the crash to avoid further damage and loss of life. Eye witness accounts of the crash further solidify the fact that it was an attempt on his own life i.e. he seemed to be extremely calm and in control of himself when he crashed into the building. The plane has been flying well and extremely low. This was no accident.

Others are speculating that the plane crash was more than just a suicide as the Echelon building is home to both the FBI and the IRS offices. Officials however, are not placing their fingers on terrorism just yet. Investigations are currently underway.

Austin Plane Crash: Single Engine Plane Plows Into Office Complex

Reports now state that plane took off from the Georgetown Municipal runway around 9:40 am. The flight was not on the airport schedule, nor did the pilot bother communicating in anyway with the control room after the plane took off. And in just twenty minutes the plane has crashed into the Echelon Building and set it ablaze.

At the moment two people are under observation at the hospital. One person has gone missing and is unaccountable for.

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    1. Austin9988 says:

      There is a movement out there that is rumored to be started and rallied around a book, an excerpt from the book is posted at alexanderjustice site. The excerpt is a manifesto that mentions the JKK, Justice Kamikazes for Kapitalism coined by the author but being used by this new movement. Very insightful.


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