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Luge Tragedy Video and Olympic Effects

Luge Tragedy video and Olympic effects.  The luge tragedy video has taken the Internet by storm. Even though Google and YouTube have pulled the video from their archives because of “copyright” claims.  News networks still aired the video, giving viewers ample opportunities to download and embed the video all across the web.

Nodar Kumaritashvili is the name of the luger who died on the Whistler track.  He lost control of his sled, flew over a wall, and struck a metal pole.

Nodar’s father won’t watch news coverage of his son’s death because he doesn’t want to see the death video.  This, of course, raises a lot of ethical concerns.

In addition to that, the death has drastically altered the landscape of the Olympics.  Many lugers are frustrated that starts have been lowered and speeds have been reduced.  The Canadian team also complained that the alterations have eliminated their “home field advantage.” 

Lugers who trained on the super-quick Whistler track have to re-group and prepare for an entirely different track.

That being said, nothing can bring back Nodar Kumaritashvili.  If the changes made save just one more person from the same fate, then they are worth it – even if the landscape is dramatically different than it was prior to the accident.

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