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Link to Gujarat Blasts

In what is being seen as a breakthrough in the investigations involving the serial blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad, the Gujarat police claim to have arrested the mastermind behind these attacks.

Mufti Abu Bashir is allegedly a member of the banned Islamic organization SIMI and had held the meetings in Baroda andAhmedabad to plan the attacks. He had also convened meets and training camps in Ernakulam and was attended by several students.

They were trained in methods of bomb handling an dlpanting in strategic positions to diffuse them. But the most shocking news is that an engineer, Taufiq, who was employed with a Wipro subsidiary, had provided all th etechnical assistance in this project. He is absconding. In total 10 people have been arrested and will be put to the polygraph test before confirming the allegations.

But Abu Bashir’s family insists that he is innocent. Police believe that the same group might be linked with the blasts in Mumbai, Bangalore, Rajasthan, Delhi.

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