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David Letterman calls Olympics Officials Hypocrites after luge death

On his Monday show, David Letterman let loose on Olympics officials, calling them as hypocrites for their statements and actions in the wake of the death of luge competitor Nodar Kumaritashvili last week.

During the pre-Olympics training run when Nodar’s luge took the final turn high and as it was descending back to into the straight portion of the track, it slammed into the wall, bounced into the opposite wall where Nodar’s body was thrown over it leading to his death. Officials claimed that there was nothing wrong with the track and that the reason for his death was “athlete error.”

The track was redesigned before the start of the first officials Olympics luge contest. The course should have been designed in such a way as to have the luge come into a curved straight portion of the course. No right angles should have been part of the design. It was poor engineering. If the track was designed in that manner, the luge times would have been higher than what they currently have, but with a built-in safety behavior. If the luger was to crash, it would at least keep the racer on track and not throw him off the course.

David Letterman is right – It was not Nodar’s fault for his death; it is the faulty design of the track of the course.

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    1. WSPenwell says:

      Even if it was the Lugers fault, the way that Vanoc and the IOC handled the situation was heartless. Just an idea but they could have suspended the luge run for a few days pending investigation, then after a few days changed the track and when asked just say they have no comment as the incident was still an ongoing investigation. Then after the Olympics they could say anything they wanted to. Bad PR right from the start and it is only getting worse. As the IOC response yesterday to the bad press these Olympics are getting was a typical IOC arrogant one.


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