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Michael Jordan and Paris Hilton share Birthday

NBA Basketball star, Michael Jordan, and the ever famous American socialite, heiress, media personality and fashion designer, Paris Hilton, share their birthday today – February 17. On his birthday, Jordan turns 47, whereas Hilton turns 29.

Michael Jordan is enjoying his retired life afforded by his sportsman stardom. On the other hand, Hilton is enjoying a resurgence of various things, after her much celebrated DUI arrest a few years ago. Aside this, Hilton is a perfect model for anyone who’s thinking of developing their personal brand. Paris is known for being famous, knowing the best parties, wearing the latest fashions, and having only the best of everything.

Michael Jordan is known for excellence on and now off the basketball court. There is a great contrast in both of these personalities, amidst such a big common factor that they were born on the same day except, of course, the year of birth!!!

Happy Birthday to both

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    1. Now I can really show my true colors and shades of style and attitude


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