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Unversity at Buffalo a False Alarm over Potential Gunman

University at Buffalo a False Alarm over potential gunman. After the horrific University of Alabama-Huntsville shooting incident, no one is being too cautious.  The University at Buffalo had reports of a potential gunman in the Library.

 A search ensued, but no gunman or gun was found.

The University at Buffalo incident had a much better ending than the incident that happened on Friday.  During a faculty meeting, Dr. Amy Bishop is accused of opening fire on her colleagues.  The shooting rampage left 3 dead.

No one thought that Bishop was capable of these things. However, it could be because they didn’t look in to her past.  In 1986 she shot her brother to death. At first the death was ruled an accident but now there is speculation that she shot him after an accident.

The second incident that involved her was a 1993 bomb scare against a Harvard Professor.  Bishop and her husband were questioned, although neither were formally charged with a crime.

Amy Bishop has been charged with capital murder – a charge that could bear the death penalty.

Luckily, the University at Buffalo incident didn’t turn out as tragic as the incident that happened late last week.

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