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Joslyn James Claims She was Impregnated by Tiger Twice

Joslyn James claims she was impregnated by Tiger Woods Twice.   Ever since November 27, Tiger Woods has been front and center in the entertainment/gossip news.  He was involved in a bizarre single car accident outside his Windermere, Florida home.  Since then, multiple women have come forward and have claimed to have had affairs with the golfer.

One of the women that came forward was Joslyn James, a porn star.  While she is the second of the porn stars to claim to have had a relationship with the tainted golfer, she’s the only porn star to have claimed to be pregnant with his baby – twice.

The first time, it is rumored that James had a miscarraige.  This all happened around the same time his daughter Sam was born.

When Charlie Axel was born last year, there is speculation that she had an abortion.

Whether or not these rumors are true or not isn’t certain.  Tiger Woods hasn’t spoke publicly about the incident at all, and there are rumors that he went to sex rehab recently.

Whether or not he and his wife Elin Nordegren are going to get divorced aren’t certain.  What is certain is that the whole situation will be a big mess until Tiger himself clears up the rumors.

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