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USA vs Switzerland Hockey a Big Win for Team USA

USA vs Switzerland Hockey a Big Win for Team USA.  USA vs Switzerland Hockey was a big match, and many didn’t know for sure if the American team would pull off the big win.

If Team USA keeps on playing like they did today, there’s a good chance that they could win a medal.  However, in order to get the gold they will have to beat out Russia and Canada – two teams that are favored to win.

USA beat Switzerland 3 to 1.  This is a great victory, but the medal events are still a long way off.

The Americans have been pretty successful at the Olympic games.  USA brought in the first gold medal win in the Ladies’ mogul event. Hannah Kearney shut out her competition by a whole point – much different than the catastrophe that was the 2006 winter Olympic games.

Germany, Switzerland, and Korea all have three gold medals, and the US has two.  America did lead the way with 8 total awards, whereas Germany now has 9.

The Olympics will keep up for the next couple of weeks, and then the next Olympics will be the summer 2012 games. Winter games won’t come back around until 2014.

There are a couple of sites that you can go to and keep up with coverage – NBC and Vancouver Olympics official Web site.

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