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Olympic Luger Who Died Video and Computer Virus: VIRUS FREE VIDEO HERE

The Olympic luger who died video is so popular that hackers are using the luger who died video to lure victims into computer viruses.  We are here to tell you that this is totally uncool, and we want to make sure that you can watch the footage you want with no risk of computer virus.

Nodar Kumaritashvili was a 21 year old luger who traveled from his Eastern European country of Georgia to win big at the 2010 winter Olympic games.  He never made it to the medal event – not because he didn’t qualify, but because he died.

As he was coming out of the second to last turn, he went in to the last turn late and lost control of his sled.  This caused him to fly up over the wall and crash into a metal pole before crashing to the ground.

Since then, his death video has been all over the place (well, except for on YouTube – it was pulled because of a “copyright claim) and people have been watching it time and time again.

The popularity of the video opens up the opportunity for people to misuse the popularity to infect computers with malware.

Click HERE to view a virus free newscast of the luge tragedy right here on TechBanyan.

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