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Warrant out for Floyd Landis’s Arrest

Landis: French Judge issues arrest warrent

Floyd Landis is in the news once again. He first came into view when he won the 2006 Tour De France and immediately thereafter was stripped of his title when he failed a drug test.

Landis has since then been fighting for his title and claiming that he was not in the wrong. His spectacular win had left everyone in awe and the drug abuse allegations confirmed for many people how exactly he was able to perform as well as he did.

It seems he’s now back into the news as a French judge Cassuto has issued a warrant for his arrest. The charge? Hacking into a labs computer system. Landis seemed to have been trying to prove his innocence by showing that the lab that tested him gave the wrong results and that the tests were a mistake.

He was originally summoned by the judge for questioning and the warrant was issued after he failed to respond to the court summons. The courts believe that he maybe linked to/ or have orchestrated a break in into the lab’s database during 2006.

What can we say? He’s clearly not another Lance Armstrong.

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