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Clippers to trade Marcus Camby for Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw?

Camby on the courst: the trade good or bad?

Rumor has it that a certain Mr. Camby is being shunned from the Clippers mothership in a trade off with the Blazers. Marcus Camby’s shoes will be filled out by not one, but two NBA players i.e. Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw.

Outlaw is all set to return to the courts after undergoing foot surgery in the past month. Outlaw and Blake have averaged 9.9 points and 7.6 points respectively per game. Both their contracts are coming to an end with the culmination of this season.

Is this for the game or the money? Many are looking at the deal in terms of the monetary aspects, they’re spending a lot less and there have been mentions of some money going into the Clippers as a result of this deal. If this goes through the team is also way above its limit for players with a total of 16 players, this indicates two things: someone might be getting waived off soon, or another trade off might be in the pipe lines.

In addition to their contracts, Clippers get to retain the bird rights for both new players on the team. The projected wins for the Clippers go down by six while Marcus will work as a good luck charm for the Blazers and push their projected wins up by four, as per the hollinger analyses.

Camby himself is not welcoming the idea of the trade and doesn’t seem to like the idea all that much. Speculation suggests that Craig Smith and DeAndre Jordan might both reap the benefits if the deal goes through, with some sourcing insinuating that Craig might be ahead of the game here.

At the moment the news hasn’t been made official by either teams as an actual announcement is yet to be made. But if this trade off actually goes through, what do you think folks? With Camby out and Blake and Outlaw in, will the Clippers ace their game, or weep this decision later?

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