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NY Rangers: Hockey Fan Proposes to Girlfriend, Gets Dumped in front of Audience

NY Rangers: Hockey fan proposes to girlfriend, gets dumped in front of audience.  A NY Ranger’s fan gets embarrassed after proposing to his girlfriend, only to have her storm off in front of a live audience.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and a man named Nick wanted to ask his girlfriend Melissa to be his wife.  True to the romantic theme of the day, Nick got a billboard in the arena that read “Melissa, Will You Be My Blue Shirt Bride? Love, Nick”

Typically, you would expect a reaction that included lots of hugs and kisses.  It’s very rare that you see a woman shaking her head in disgust and walking off.  Nick left close behind Melissa.
Before we make judgments, we don’t know the whole story.  These two NY Rangers fans are complete strangers to us, and there’s no telling what is going on in their lives at this time. Even though many may think that Melissa was insensitive for walking off, it could be that she’s told him time and time again she isn’t ready for marriage.

Still yet, it was a romantic gesture fitting for a proper Valentine’s Day engagement. Had she said yes, it would be one of the sweetest things to happen at that hockey game.

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    1. Troy says:

      Haha…oh my. So embarrassing it seems.

    2. Perla Marolf says:

      I like that I don’t have to pay for a subscription like wow

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